Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Who's on Deck?

Okay, people...
We're three episodes into our web series now:
Antony & Cleopatra (at 6min, it's fittingly epic)
Ida and Isidor Straus, and
John & Abigail Adams

Now we're prepping a brief fourth ep as we speak, and for that matter scheduling the shoots for the fifth and sixth. Should we tell you who's coming? Well... another founding father and his wife, a 12th century theolgian, and Queen Elizabeth I's parents... The question is... where do we go from there?

So we put it to you, dear readers: Who's striking your fancy? Napolean and Josephine, maybe? Cesar and Cleopatra? Charlemagne and Big Foot Bertha?

Let us know in the combox!


  1. Gracie and George Burns
    "Cheaper by the Dozen" parents
    Lucy and Desi Arnez
    George and Barbara Bush
    Ice T and Coco

    Brainstorming!! I enjoy your videos!

  2. St. Adelaide and King Otto of Germany
    JRR and Edith Tolkein
    CS Lewis and Joy Davidman
    Julia and Paul Child
    Marie and Pierre Curie

  3. I second the Curies.

    Also, maybe one of those Methodist Missionary couples that was always getting eaten by south sea islanders?

    Chopin and George Sand? (Was that the couple? I know it was Chopin
    and someone!)

    Not real, but Zeus and Hera-- what kept them together through Zeus's Philandering and Hera's bad temper?