Saturday, June 23, 2012

Go Trib!

Pat here -

Years ago, when I first moved to Chicago, I lived in a studio apartment in a basement on the North Side. I slept on a camping-style cot that I had purchased at KMart for $20. I had one luxury: A subscription to the Chicago Tribune.

And the great thing about this subscription is that somehow, the Tribune Delivery guy was able to get access to the building in which I was living. On top of that, my apartment door was clear of the hallway floor by a good inch or so, so he could slide it right under the door and into my apartment.

Talk about delivery! If I wasn't working the morning shift at Starbucks, I didn't even have to get out of bed (get out of cot?) I could just reach over, grab the newspaper off the floor, and read it right there. That was the life.

 If only the Trib had this feature back then. Apparently, they've started a column in which readers can send in their own love stories. And it rocks. Take Susie, for instance, who met her husband when he was jousting:
He wore a blue velvet dress — well, really a kingly tunic. Who could resist?
Or Saul, who's love apparently didn't think he was a stalker:
I asked for her phone number. She refused but gave me her address.
Have a look. 

Who's your favorite? Can you top these guys?

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